Our products/services
You have seen some of our products, which have been developed
exclusively for some of our clients. If you haven't seen those,  
click here .

The difference at Intellizer is that we do not sell ready to use
"canned" or packaged products, which you need to fit into your
needs. Rather, we listen to you, understand your needs and then
develop a software exclusively to meet your needs - no more, no
less. So, you get exactly what you need - tailor made and
branded. You won't have to learn how to use it for your purpose,
because you would already know it....Intelligent all the way! This
doesn't mean we won't give you any back-up support. We are and
will always be with you.

Our products are outputs of our services on demand.
Accordingly, we are fully equipped to provide software /
application development support to individuals and businesses,
all over the world,  who are interested in full / partial (modular)
input services.

For more details, contact us
Network Consulting
ICT education
Again, we don't offer pre-designed/structured training. That is
why we call our training programs "education".

Be it software development/programming, or network related
subjects, or simply MS Office package usage, or computer
trouble shooting, or web designing - you name it, tell us your
needs, and we will design an educational package to meet your
corporate or individual needs - We will intellize you for sure.

Think of other little things: You can learn how to prepare and
make a good presentation - intelligently!!

Or, simply learn how to communicate - clearly and intelligently
all the way!

For more details, contact us
Interested organizations / individuals from any part of the
world may also use our other services like web designing &
hosting, bulk data processing & analysis, database
management, electronic archiving, unique report /
presentation designing, LAN / WAN setup / management, etc.  
For more details, contact us
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partner website for more information.
In line with the latest technological developments in the
world of mobile communications, we have extended our
range of products and services from PC (Windows XP,
Vista, Windows 7,10) to WindowsPhone or Android
to help you continue with your "computerized" work
or entertainment even when you are on the "go".

From now on, for any type of Windows/Android based mobility
solutions or services, you may
contact us with the same
confidence as you have been doing in case of PC based